What do You Need for a Baby? My Experience.

Are you expecting your first baby and wondering where to even start when it comes to being ready? In this article I’m going to take you through some products that you’ll need to get started so you don’t have to worry about the “what do you need for a baby?” question.

I know it can be a stressful time when it relates to being ready for your first baby, there are many products on the market that it can become quite overwhelming. Today we will go through the essential items.

What Sleeping Products do You Need for a New Baby?

Of course baby will need a place to sleep! But the question is where? Are you going to room share or even co-sleep with baby? Are they going to sleep in their own room from day one? No matter what you decide you will need to buy an item to make sure they are kept safe during the night. This in itself has a lot of different products for you to choose from.

Baby Cot - First Baby AdviceIt’s recommended by rednose.org.au for parents to room share for at least the first 6-12 months. In this case, a bassinet or bedside co-sleeper would be the way to go. Making sure that it had a flat, firm mattress.

Next on the list is wraps so that you can swaddle your baby and then either blankets or a sleeping bag for them to sleep in as you want to make sure they are kept warm during the night. If you will be using a blanket, make sure to it is lightweight and firmly tucked in and only pulled up to the chest. This is something you will need no matter what option you decide to go with.

Getting yourself a white noise machine can be very helpful when it comes to you and baby getting some sleep as it reminds your baby of the sounds they heard in your belly and it gives them a sense of comfort.

You will also need a fitted sheet and a mattress protector is a good investment. I have a rule to always at least buy two of any manchester item, in case of an accident during the night you have a back up. Depending if you want to use one or not but a pacifier/dummy is good to have, some babies just love to suck on it for comfort in the early days which can help them to sleep. 

Baby Needs to Eat.

Will you be breastfeeding or formula feeding? Two very different paths with what items you will need to get. I have done both methods with my baby and there is a number of items that you will need to invest in.

I will start with breastfeeding, and warn you that it does take some time to master. A pump is very handy when it comes to breastfeeding, especially in the beginning it can hep with your milk supply and if you are wanting to store extra breast milk then you’ll need to get some milk storage bags/containers, there’s plenty of these on the market today.

You will want to get some self-care products as well, as breastfeeding can do a little damage to your nipples when you are first getting started. Nipple cream will help keep them from cracking, next you will want to get some breast pads to stop any leakage happening in public and finally, nursing bras will make your life so much easier when in comes to feeding your baby.

Baby Drinking Bottle - First Baby AdviceI actually got the following products for formula feeding for if I had to use formula as a top up but I also wanted to express and give a bottle during the night so my partner was able to do this.

With formal feeding, there are a few products you will need to get. First of, bottles is a good place to start there are starter packs you can get now that will have different sized bottles in them as babies don’t drink as much as they will over time.

If you are planning on doing formula, you will need a formula dispenser so that you don’t need to take the tin with you everywhere you go.

When it comes to the cleaning of these items, a bottle and teat/nipple brush, bottle drying rack/mat and a steriliser is about all you will need.

When it comes to investing in a steriliser there are a number of different types, microwave container, electric steriliser or even sterilising tablets, which ever you decide it doesn’t matter.

Something that I have just invested in is a portable bottle warmer, you can get ones that aren’t portable and by all means you don’t even need to get one but a portable one has become very handy in my family as we travel a bit and has come in handy on days out when the water in bottles have gone cold.

What About Cleaning Baby?

When it comes to cleaning your baby you have the obvious, baby bath soap and shampoo. Some good things to add to the list are baby oil, nappy rash cream, baby lotion (moisturiser) and baby powder.

You will need to get some towels and face cloths as well, I like to have baby their own that we only ever use on our baby and not ourselves.

Baby with Towel over Head - First Baby AdviceNow we are at the part where will you clean your baby? You can get baby baths and baby bath seats. I got both options and I will be completely honest here.

We only used the baby bath once as our baby out grew his quite quickly and we found it a lot easier washing our baby while he was in his bath seat as it gave us both hands free.

Lastly, where will you be dressing your baby? Change tables help with this a great deal as well as helps with nappy changes. That leads us to nappies and wipes, essentials to have with any new baby.

You have the option of either disposable or reusable nappies which is completely personal choice. I will be doing an article on this alone with pros and cons of each at a later date.

Lots of clothes! You will need to have clothes for your little baby, depending what season it is when they are born will help with what kind, I found onesies the easiest when it came to nappy changes and actually still use onesies to this day and get yourself some bibs, can help with keeping their clothes from getting spit up all over them at times. 

Now for the Fun Items.

Toys! Lots of toys, you won’t need them straight away as your baby will sleep 90% of the time and only really wake for feeds and a nappy change but it doesn’t take them long until that all changes.

Teddy Bear - First Baby AdviceThis section you have many options with what you can get. Either a swing or bouncer to get baby up off the floor sometimes and gives them a feel for different motions.

A play mat is always good so that your baby isn’t just on carpet or tiles, you can get ones that are quite soft and easy to clean (wipe off).

A play gym gives them something to look at and to start reaching for in the early weeks and lost of sensory toys. We also got books so that we can read to our boy before he goes to sleep, it is never too early to start!

Keeping Your Baby Safe.

Safety is very important for any new baby, the first place you should start is with getting a car seat. This in itself has many options, my partner and I went with one that we would get the most use out of so as our baby gets older we don’t need to buy a new one until later in his life.

A first aid kit with a Thermometer and a nasal aspirator will help when baby is sick. A video monitor lets you watch your baby when they are sleeping and you have things to get done and I would suggest getting a grooming kit with nail clippers, you will notice your babies nails will grow so quickly!

Let’s Go Travelling!

Are you going to want to travelling with your new baby? If the answer is yes, then there’s a few products you will need to get. Some you will even need just to leave the house with your baby.

As we mentioned above, you’ll need to get a car seat for your baby even just to take hem home from the hospital.

Mother Pushing Pram - First Baby AdviceThere are a few essentials you will need to take with you when you are out and about with your baby, let’s start with a nappy bag.

This will allow you to pack extras for days out, as we already know babies poo and wee a lot and they also like to spit up so extra nappies and clothes is one thing you will want to make sure you always have with you. Most nappy bags now will have built-in bottle holders that will even keep them warm for some time.

Depending on what you are planning on doing while you are out of the house a pram is usually the best option to have in the car with you, make sure to get one that your baby can lay flat in.

You can also get carriers and wraps to wear your baby when you are out, which is also great for that little exercise. One extra thing that is handy to have for you baby in the car is a window sun shade that will help block of that harsh sun from burning their little skin.

This next product will depend on what kind of travelling you’ll be doing, are you looking at staying at someone else’s house? If yes then a porta cot is a great investment.

We were actually lucky that our bassinet came with a travel bag and packed down quite flat to make it easy to transport so we got away with out this product for a little while but now my boy has outgrown his bassinet and we are on the look out for a porta cot.

There you Have it.

In conclusion, this gives you a list of essential items that you will need when expecting a baby especially if it’s your first. If you have the space to store some of these items and wanting another baby, I suggest that you hang on to them until that time comes to save you having to buy it all again.

I hope this really helps you get an understanding of where to start when you are looking at buying your baby products. There are a ton of other things on the market but most you won’t need until later.

If you have any suggestions that might be the perfect fit for this list, or want to share you experience with what you need for a baby, leave it in the comments below. I would love to hear from you.

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