Advice for Parents With a Newborn.

If you’ve found yourself here looking for some advice for your newborn baby then you are either very close to having your baby or are in the early days of having your new baby in your arms. I’m writing this post about my advice to parents with a newborn to give a little support on your new journey, before we get started I’d like to say congratulations to you. New babies brings so much excitement in to yours and your families lives.

The Early Days.

Bringing home your new bundle of joy is a very exciting and scary time, there’s always multiple questions that will go through your mind on your way home from the hospital, one being if you are prepared enough or not.

If this is your first baby then the nerves can get a bit overwhelming but you have to remember that everyone goes through similar emotions and parenthood really is a learning curve for everyone. In the early days you will spend a lot of time wondering what you will need to do and will want to show off your new baby to your family and friends as it’s an exciting time for everyone.

Baby Holding Parents Hand - First Baby AdviceSome of my best advice for this is to set some ground rules with all your family and friends, as it can take time to recover from the labour you have just had and to work out what cues mean what for your baby.

Some rules we put in place at the start were not coming to visit without notice as who knows what kind of day you are having and if you are up for visitors or not. Texting before calling for when we are all trying to catch up on sleep.

As newborns are very vulnerable in the beginning you will want to make sure all visitors are washing their hands before touching your baby and have a strict rule against kissing baby on the mouth and face and if anyone is sick to avoid coming for a visit until they are feeling better.

When it comes to feeding baby, look for their cues, sucking noises or sucking fingers, licking lips and fed them on demand rather then the time. Lastly enjoy this moment! It’s such a special time and they grow very quickly so make sure to take lots of pictures!

Bonding Time.

I’m sure you would have heard all sorts of stories that your family and friends have had about how challenging the first few days are and don’t get me wrong, they may be but the one thing you want to make sure of at al times is that you stay calm and stress free as your baby will pick up on and feed of your emotions.

If you are stressed or worked up your baby will sense this and it will make them feel the same. Always stay as calm as possible when around your baby.

Mother Holding Baby - First Baby AdviceMake sure to do lots of skin to skin time. There are plenty of options to do so, usually when they are first-born, the midwives will get you to feed them topless (it’s usually off by this point anyway) and they will get your partner to do the same.

It helps them regulate their body temperature, heart rate and blood sugar levels, it can also help encourage breast-feeding and helps your baby feel safe which in turn can help reduce some crying. Most importantly enjoy all those cuddles as it does help with the bonding phase! Who wouldn’t want baby cuddles, they are just a cuteness overload right.

Look After Yourself.

This is something that we all tend to forget at times but it actually is such an important thing that we need to do. Not only for your physical health but also your mental health. I’m sure you have heard about postpartum depression, it can affect people in different ways.

There are so many help lines and support for anyone who suffer from this so always keep in mind that you are never alone and always have someone to talk to if you need.

If you want to talk to someone you don’t know then reach out, send me an email. I’m always all ears open when it’s needed. Prepare yourself for the baby blues, this may be an emotional roller coaster that many women get.

The baby blues can happen anywhere between 3 to 10 days after the birth of your baby and usually only last for 2 to 3 days. Your mood can go up and down and you may feel tears, anxious and overwhelmed.

Don’t Forget Your Partner.

Outdoor movie date night - First Baby AdviceIt’s important that you don’t forget each other as a partner when you have a baby. You need to stay connected by making sure you are not zoning out when you are not with your baby.

It may be hard in the early days as you both become quite exhausted from the sleepless nights but you need to set time aside for each other and talk about your day.

Our baby now goes to bed at a reasonable time so this lets the both of us catch up and just enjoy each other’s company. Or you can even set aside a date night every week or so, even if its taking your baby with you and just truly enjoying family time outside of the house with no other distractions.

Now it’s Your Turn!

These are just somethings that I have experienced either myself or from friends that have become new parents. At the end of the day you need to keep in mind that you know your baby best and it may not feel that way to start with but you do and you will.

Just remember to enjoy this time with your newborn as they don’t stay little for long and before you know it you will be celebrating different little milestones each month.

If you have any questions at all, or even want to share your experience with your newborn baby Then make sure to leave it in the comments at the bottom of this page.

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